Fright Fight® - Multiplayer Brawler






Fright Fight is the First Real-Time 3D Multiplayer Platform Brawler available NOW on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, NVIDIA Shield, and OUYA!


Fright Fight is a free-to-play multiplayer brawler infused with rich RPG system elements

You will have the ability to connect with up to 3 other players from around the world, and compete in 4 player action-packed matches. Play against random opponents or invite your friends to fight for bragging rights. The Cross-Platform functionality allows you to play against your friends even if you have an iOS device and they are playing on an Android device, OUYA, or NVIDIA Shield.

This game is a combination of many awesome genres, mixing horror, fantasy, and steampunk themes to create an ominous 3-D setting. Fright Fight features a bunch of characters from different realms, each with unique attack types, combos and skills. Harness your skills and tap and swipe your way to the top of the leaderboards!


 "Fright Fight Could Be The Best Super Smash Bros. Alternative For iOS"




Kahn the Werewolf


Kahn is very mobile and can easily control the whole arena. He is a pure hunter with sharp teeth, razor-like claws, and a huge thirst for blood.


Carmilla the Vampire


This Vampire is a blood-sucking, claw-fighting creature with supernatural abilities. Her most powerful attacks not only deal damage, but also restore her HP. She is able to remotely summon bats to attack her enemies.


Grim the Reaper


Grim is a legendary creature that haunts the souls of all living beings. He uses his scythe as a weapon that results in a large attack radius.


Hugo the Yeti


Huge and fuzzy, Hugo can easily be taken for a klutz. However, a hammer of his huge hand is enough to make him a terrifying opponent. He possesses several body modifications that increase his strength even further.

More characters coming soon!